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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

PSP Downloads: AnimeDownloadsUnlimited

• only $49.95
Your membership never expires, and there are no additional fees ever!

• Get access to the largest anime and manga downloading network on the planet, there are literally
thousands of anime, manga, OST files available that you will be sure to find any series you want.• More than 100,000,000 media files at your fingertips!
• Download anything you want. No time limits, No bandwidth limits, No content limits.
Files are not just limited to anime, but you will also be able to download all the music, movies, tv shows and video games you want!
• Also provided in the members area are step by step guides and software showing you how to download and burn your anime to DVD, or convert them to watch/read on your iPod, PSP, Zune, or iPhone!

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Anonymous said...

PSPdownloadWorld is better

Anonymous said...

no good

gaub said...

Hey im looking to join psp blender however i would appreciate some input on it. Is it worth the money? Do you just simply download games movies etc. to your psp? and would u recomend joining? and most importantly do u need anything besides your psp and usb such as media manger or other accesories? Please help and thanks

morico said...

I dont have it but my friend does and says it works great.
I have also read alot of reviews and they say that psp blender is a five star rating


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